The face of Yoga Studios and other Health & Wellness Centers are changing. It’s no longer enough to just offer amazing classes with highly trained instructors in an immaculate and well-established studio or gym. Members of the mindfulness community want to be a part of something greater. They want something to do on Friday night or Saturday afternoon besides sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook.


From Friday night Glow Flow events, to Sunday morning charity benefits, planning an event mindfully feels like a great idea, but can often turn into more work and stress than you anticipated. The last thing you want on the day of your event is to worry about where you’re going to put the food vendors, or why your musician is running late; not to mention you would probably rather be teaching classes and running your studio than researching where you can get the best price for a bulk order of blacklights.


I have over 5 years of experience event planning specifically for Yoga Studios and Health & Wellness-related events, as well as teaching yoga and managing a studio. I’m passionate about not only planning a successful event, but doing it mindfully - with the environment, and the social impact in mind.


Most importantly, I want you to have a successful event without any of the work or worry that comes with it.

Local Vendors/Music

Whether it’s your studio or an off-site location, let me help you find the perfect place to host your event.

Supporting local business and holding each other up is all part of a mindful existence. Connecting with local vendors creates a community aspect at any event.


Live music and yoga go together like mind and body. Adding live music turns a yoga class into a not-to-be-missed event. And just like connecting with local vendors, supporting local musicians and making them a part of your community deepens the connection for all.

Branding and marketing is everything right now, and perhaps the most difficult (i.e. most important!) place to stay mindful. There’s so many other brands and events happening out there every day of the week - how do you even compete?! The shortest and easiest answer that I can give you is: you DON’T! Branding and Marketing is about showing the world who you are, and drawing your tribe to you.


While the Health & Wellness market continues to grow exponentially, Yoga studios and other small businesses are not always bursting with cash flow to throw extravagant events. Whether your event is meant to provide a little bit of extra revenue for your studio, or to raise money for something or someone else, a successful event can be achieved at any price point.



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