Pull out your road map

I had the opportunity to take a yoga class yesterday with Valerie Immore, Owner/Director of Sundance Yoga Studios in Friendswood and Pearland, TX. Her community of students rave about her, and it’s no wonder. Valerie is insightful, vulnerable, and authentic; all of the qualities that I not only strive to be, but also hope to draw out of students in my own classes.

In class, Valerie drew upon a story from her own life to suggest that we may not always understand our path, but perhaps all we need is a change in perspective to understand the chaos of the world around us. I'd like to share my own story to paint this picture for you.

My husband and I enjoy travel. Every place that we visit, whether it's a city in our own state, or across the globe, I always learn something new about myself and the world we live in. However, there is something a little extra exciting and unnerving about travelling in a country that doesn't speak your language (or you, theirs).

When you're driving in a foreign country and you don't speak the lanuage, there are limited options for finding your way around. We found out the hard way that using GPS on your smartphone is not always a reliable option.

There are signs, of course, telling you where you are, and where you're off to next, but they're really only helpful if you speak the language. If not, you better hope you've got a road map.

Consider the signs in your own life. Oftentimes, especially in times of misery and grief, the signs don't seem to make sense. We seem to be travelling around in circles, getting turned around, and ending up in places that we don't want to be.

Valerie urged us to consider that perhaps the signs are, in fact, telling us exactly where we are, and where we're headed, but we simply don't speak the Spirit (God, the Universe, or whatever name you connect with)'s language.

Consider that perhaps you don't speak the language.

Then, it's not that the signs are leading you astray. Perhaps you just don't understand them. So, what have I learned to do when I don't speak the language? Rely on my other resources.

Pull out your road map. Read your Holy Book, step on your yoga mat, meditate. Trust your intuition. Remember. The Universe conspires to take you in exactly the direction you are going. There is no wrong way, there is only the path that you are on. If you feel lost, maybe you don't need to look around for answers. Maybe the signs don't make sense because you don't speak the language.

Instead, look inside. Consult your road map. Perhaps you will find that you are exactly where you need to be.

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