"I let go of negativity and make space for positivity."

"I let go of negativity and make space for positivity." It all started with running shoes. Every time I went for a run I could feel my back, knees, and hips aching for days after. A different kind of ache than soreness. This hurt. It was painful. I tried to blame everything and everyone else first. I started taking heated yoga classes - maybe they were killing me. Maybe that teacher's class I tried for the first time jacked me up because her sequence was whack. Maybe 29 is the year my body finally falls apart forever; I hear that happens. Blame. Shame. Repeat. Spoiler alert: it was my running shoes. I trained for two half marathons and ran more in the past two years than I ever had before. They were done. It was time to retire my running shoes and get myself a new pair. They had run their course. They had served me well. It was time to let them go. If I had listened to my body like my yoga practice taught me and quit when I realized what I needed to do, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and heartache. Instead, I kept running in my worn out running shoes for another two weeks. I was miserable. I spiraled. I sat on instagram for hours comparing myself to all of the other yogis who aren't me doing all all of the pretty things I can't do. I realized I would never be good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough. Blame Shame Repeat. I woke up one morning practically bursting. I had had enough. It was time to throw out the shoes. I lit some sage. I meditated. I made a vision board. I set journaled and set goals. I practiced asana. I pulled myself out of it and threw out the shoes. And wouldn't you know, when I got rid of the attachments that were weighing me down, suddenly I had all of this new space. New opportunities found their way in when I let go of what was no longer serving. I'm so excited to share what's coming next for me. Be sure to stay tuned to facebook and instagram for all the latest. Thank you for joining me on this journey. What are you ready to let go of so you can make space for what's next?

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